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Jun Chi Company To Participate In The Battle Of Alibaba

- Dec 02, 2017 -

Jun Chi company to participate in the battle of Alibaba

Recently organized by Alibaba in the Zhongshan area enterprises of Guangdong province, it conducted 35 days.And there are 35 companies  take part in PK activities, our company is also invited to participate. This is a great opportunity. Here, Jun Chi's performance goal is 320 million, we have three sales staff to participate in the challenge, the ultimate dare to total 2.85 million in the Army ranked third in the target completion rate of 90%, we work together to encourage.Finally we handed in a good answer! Here we have learned a lot,  and in the future our company will be more for customers to make better products and excellent service.

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So happy and so exciting!

Date on December,2nd,2017

News by Xingxing liu

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