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Home Lighting Tips

- Jan 19, 2017 -

Select the home lighting, first clear the installation site, the use and the desired lighting effect.

Living room, can select gorgeous of chandelier or Crystal lamps, makes light bright bright produced warm, and warm, and harmony of family atmosphere; bedroom, lamps should produced soft of light, makes people feel quiet peace, as selection light for incandescent bubble of ceiling lamp, and Wall lamp,; study, and computer room, should used light more bright of grid gate lamps or indirect lighting lamps, makes face as degrees more uniform, and makes computer of display Shang no reflective points, easily let people produced fatigue sense; kitchen, should used full closed of anti-oil lamps; bathroom, Should be installed waterproof lights in rooms, corridors, bathrooms and other places, according to style, configure some aesthetically pleasing, colorful art Wall lamp in order to heighten the atmosphere.

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