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Glass Lamp Cleaning Methods

- Jan 19, 2017 -

Ceiling lamps and chandeliers, available light cotton socks or double turn over the hand towels in hand, gently wipe and lamp shade shapes and textures, there are different cleaning methods:

Frosted glass shade: use soft cloth for cleaning glass, carefully scrubbed, or scrubbed with a soft cloth and toothpaste, not flat, use a soft cloth chopstick or toothpick.

Resin shade: available fiber Duster special Duster or cleaning, cleaning should be sprayed with anti-static spray, resin material easy to produce static electricity.

Folding shade: 1.1 patiently scrub with cotton swabs dipped in water, if dirty, use neutral detergent.

Crystal beaded shade: shade made of Crystal beads and metal, can be cleaned with neutral detergents directly after cleaning, dry the surface of the water and let them dry.

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